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An invitation to all participants in the All Cypriniformes
Species Inventory Project (ACSII):

A conference to include a symposium and workshop on cypriniform taxonomy will be held at the Suan Bua Resort ( in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for three days beginning 13 January 2012.

Objectives of the conference are to review ongoing taxonomic revisions and other systematic studies on cypriniform fishes, develop collaborations, and discuss opportunities for new studies.  A volume consisting of papers based on talks and posters given during the symposium will be published, pending favorable peer-review of each paper, in a special issue of Zootaxa or another taxonomically oriented journal.

Attendance at the meeting is open to anyone interested in cypriniform fishes, but travel support from the All Cypriniformes Species Inventory Project will be limited to 25 participants.  **Preference will be given to attendees who submit a completed manuscript on a systematic study of cypriniform fishes no later than 1 November 2011.**  Travel support will be provided for only one author per presentation/manuscript.  Because support will be provided in the order in which manuscripts are accepted, early submissions that are well written and more taxonomically comprehensive have a greater opportunity for support.  Revisions of genera or other clades are particularly welcome.

In addition to the symposium on systematic studies, the conference will include workshop presentations on:

The tentative program for the meeting is:

If you wish to attend the conference, please send the following information to Larry Page at  More information related to travel and hotel arrangements will be provided following receipt of your email.

1.  Name:

2.  Institutional mailing address:
Email address:

3.  Do you plan to give a 15-minute talk or have a poster to display at the symposium?  If
so, please provide the title and names of all authors and their mailing and email
addresses.  You may submit this information any time before the deadline of 1 November 2011.  Please use the following format and indicated talk or poster.
Page, Larry, and Havird, Justin.
Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville, Florida, U.S.A., 32611;
A taxonomic revision of Lepidocephalichthys (Cobitidae) using morphological
and DNA sequence data.

4.  Will you have a manuscript on the material summarized in your talk or poster
submitted for review no later than 1 November 2011?  (This is not required for
participation in the symposium, but is required for travel support.)

5.  If you will have a completed manuscript submitted for publication by 1 November, do
you request that your travel expenses be paid by ACSII (economy air or train ticket, gasoline if driving, hotel and meals)? 

6.  Would you like to participate in the workshop and discuss methods related to the
systematic study of cypriniform fishes?  If so, please provide a title for your
presentation and explain the topic in a few sentences.

Costs for rooms and food at the Suan Bua Resort are given below.  More information about travel arrangements and the scientific program will be provided later.  Guests of attendees are welcome, but expenses cannot be covered by ACSII.  Room rates are discounted for the conference period, and they can be extended for longer stays.

Room Accommodation
Period               13-16 January 2012 
Deluxe room    Single room, one person    @  1,450 Thai baht.
                           Single room, two persons  @  1,550 Thai baht.
(The above room rates include VAT, Service Charge and Breakfast)

Hotel Information
Address: Suan Bua Hotel & Resort, Chiangmai
158 Moo 3 T. Banpong,
Hangdong - Samerng Road,
A.Hangdong, Chiangmai, 50230
Tel : +66(0)53 365270-9
Fax : +66(0)53 365280
Email :
Bangkok Office
1000/133 Liberty Plaza, 3rd Floor,
1000 Sukhumvit 55 Road(Thonglor)
Klongteoy, Bangkok 10110
Tel : 66(0)2 392 2177-8
Fax : 66(0)2 3916168

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Food Arrangement
Lunch  (Menu by the hotel)         @ 180 Thai baht.
Dinner  (Menu by the hotel)         @ 250 Thai baht.

Most foreigners will fly to Bangkok and then to Chiang Mai.  Currently, one-way flights from Bangkok to Chiang Mai range from 1,800 to 3,600 Thai baht (US$60-100).  Round-trip tickets are 3,600 to 6,000 Thai baht (US$120-200). 


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