Cypriniform Diversity
Outreach and Educaction

Cypriniformes Team Charter

All participants in the Cypriniformes AToL project are invited to share authorship on any and all projects detailing the results of this study.  Given the magnitude of the data sets we are assembling and the diversity of character sets that can be utilized to address systematic issues within this extremely diverse set of taxa, we anticipate many publications as a direct result of our collective efforts.  While we are all interested in cypriniform systematics, we will not necessarily all be authors on every manuscript resulting from this project.  As a general premise, we agree to abide by the ethical principles generally applied to authorship and publication in any scientific endeavor.  In practice, we agree to notify other participants about the topics of proposed manuscripts through a frequently updated “Proposed Manuscript” page maintained on the portal.  Prior to requesting that a group working on a proposed study add one of us as an additional author, we agree to carefully reflect on the following issues:  the topic of the proposed manuscript, our interest in that particular topic, our contribution to the proposed manuscript with regard to the successful acquisition of the data or taxa required for the study, and whether we have truly made or can make a substantive contribution to the science involved.

Please also refer to the CTOL Policy Manual.

Questions or comments? Contact Director, Dr. Richard Mayden

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