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Taxon Tracker

Taxon Tracker is a community resource offered to provide research and educational opportunities as to the function of our biological classifications of biological diversity, how these classifications are determined and developed, the rules underlying the formation of scientific names and classifications, and a transparent forum for researchers to announce and comment on new species descriptions, new phylogenetic studies, and recent published recommended changes to a classification.

Public announcements of new evidence-based research and opinions regarding new species and changes in nomenclature and biological classifications provides a transparent arena for scientists to discuss and debate issues, if necessary, and for others with a more limited understanding of the systematic and taxonomic processes foundational to biological classifications to learn more about the process by raising questions and following discussions.

Taxon Tracker also maintains a complete classification of the fishes of the Order Cypriniformes and will eventually provide annotations for species as to the evidence, or lack thereof, for our current classification of these fishes. Users are strongly encouraged to use our blogging capabilities to post new information on any taxonomic issues relating to Cypriniformes fishes, raise comment on postings, raise questions and provide opinions on taxa. All postings are linked to one or more taxa to which the content applies, except in cases where you report new species, new papers, and new findings relevant to the taxonomy and classification of Cypriniformes fishes. Thus, users need to identify taxa in the classification in advance of posting information. A full history of discussions is archived and all evidenced based research recommending changes in the taxonomy are open for public comment for six months.

Taxon Tracker is under development and internal testing right now and will be released soon.

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This is the primary page opening to two very large research initiatives on Cypriniformes fishes: the All Cypriniformes Species Inventory (ACSI-2), funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation DEB-1022720 (Dr. Lawrence M. Page, University of Florida), DEB-1023403 (Dr. Jonathan Armbruster, Auburn University), and DEB-1021840 (Dr. Richard L. Mayden, Saint Louis University )and The Cypriniformes Tree of Life (CToL), funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation EF-0431326 (Drs. R. L. Mayden, R. M. Wood, and N. Aspinwall). You can learn more about both of these international-scale studies using the links available on this site.