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Students working on the All Cypriniformes Species Inventory NSF Grant:

University of Florida: Research Interests:
Randy Singer (M.S.) I am interested in fish taxonomy and biogeography. I am doing graduate work on Southeast Asian loaches, with a focus on systematic relationships. I work on Acanthocobitis (Teleostei: Nemacheilidae).
Zachary Martin (M.S.) My research interest is in systematics and ecology of freshwater fishes. Most recently, I've been working with SE Asian fishes, specifically nemacheilid loaches. I have worked on Neonoemacheilus taxonomy and spent much time pondering the similarities in nemacheilid loaches with the North American darters (Etheostomatinae); the parallels are fascinating.
Zachary Randall (M.S.) I am interested in the systematics and evolutionary history of the hill-stream loach family Balitoridae.
Auburn University: Research Interests:
Shobnom Ferdous (Ph.D) Description of a new loach of the genus Lepidocephalichthys (Cypriniformes: Cobitidae) from Bangladesh (with L.M. Page)
Malorie Hayes (Ph.D.) Topic undecided, but will be working with African cyprinid phylogeny taxonomy.
C. Keith Ray (Ph.D.) Systematic and Taxonomic Investigations of the Riffle Daces, Rhinichthys Agassiz (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae). Keith will examine broad phylogenetic patterns in Rhinichtys and revise the R. atratulus species complex.
Carla Stout (Ph.D.) Phylogenomics of the Cyprinidae. Carla will use a phylogenomic approach using transcriptome sequencing to examine the relationships of major cyprinid groups.
Milton Tan (Ph.D.) The Evolution of Miniaturization in Danionins (Danioninae: Cypriniformes). Milton will examine the genomes of miniaturized danionins to find convergent genes ties to miniaturization and elucidate a phylogeny of the group based on phylogenomic techniques.
Paul Wieczorek (M.S.) Evolutionary ecology of Alabama Minnows. Paul will examine changes in the shapes of minnows throughout the Mobile River Basin to examine how communities are structured.
Saint Louis University: Research Interests:
Anne Ilvarson (Ph. D.) Sequencing of mitochondrial genes of varied species of Cypriniformes
Paul Lega (M.S.) General diets of species of Cypriniformes
Qiu Ren (Ph. D., KIZ, P. R. China) Morphometric and meristic variation within and between selected species of Puntius
Anna Belia De Los Santos Camarillo (Ph.D., Mexico) Maximum body lengths of species of Cypriniformes
Ryan Thoni (Ph. D.) Morphological variation of Catostomus plebeius and undescribed relatives from Mexico
Ms. Asha Rayamajhi (Ph.D., Nepal) Biodiversity of Cypriniformes of Nepal and surrounding regions based on morphological and molecular diversity.

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This is the primary page opening to two very large research initiatives on Cypriniformes fishes: the All Cypriniformes Species Inventory (ACSI-2), funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation DEB-1022720 (Dr. Lawrence M. Page, University of Florida), DEB-1023403 (Dr. Jonathan Armbruster, Auburn University), and DEB-1021840 (Dr. Richard L. Mayden, Saint Louis University )and The Cypriniformes Tree of Life (CToL), funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation EF-0431326 (Drs. R. L. Mayden, R. M. Wood, and N. Aspinwall). You can learn more about both of these international-scale studies using the links available on this site.