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Morphological and molecular evidence from CToL corroborate the traditional suborder classification: monophyly of the Cyprinoidea (carp, minnows, shiners) and Cobitoidea (loaches, suckers, algae eaters), with the exception of Paedocypris – the world’s smallest vertebrate taxon, that through CToL studies has been removed from Cyprinoidea to a new superfamily. Within Cobitoidea multiple lines of evidence are converging to support the recognition of traditional Catostomidae, Gyrinocheilidae, Botiidae, Cobitidae, Nemacheilidae, and Balitoridae, and the new families Vaillantelidae and Ellopostomidae (Bohlen & Šlechtová 2009, Chen et al. in press).
Cyprinoidea has been equivalent to the family Cyprinidae; however, CToL phylogenies provide support for the elevation of some subfamilies to families and the erection of new families. As in Siluriformes with 38 families, the disarticulation of Cyprinoidea into smaller monophyletic families will more clearly translate the relationships of the 2,701 cyprinoid species. A review of the history of the classification of these fishes by Conway et al. (in press) notes the historic inconsistency in the allocation of taxa to suprageneric groupings. These conclusions are based on the following studies supported by CToL (alphabetical: Bohlen & Šlechtová 2009; Bufalino & Mayden in press a, in press b, Chen & Mayden 2009; Chen et al. 2008, 2009; Conway et al. 2008; He et al. 2008a,b; Mayden & Chen in press; Mayden et al. 2007, 2008, 2009; Rüber et al. 2007; Saitoh et al. 2006; Simons & Gidmark in press; Šlechtová et al. 2006, 2007; Strange & Mayden 2009; Schönhuth et al. 2008; K. Tang submitted; Q. Tang et al. 2009; Yang & Mayden in press a, submitted; Xuzhen et al. 2004).


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