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Aquatic GIS Workshp in Saint Louis University

Aquatic GIS Training Workshop Announcement GIS Applications in Aquatic Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
An NSF supported three day aquatic GIS training workshop will be offered at Saint Louis University on June 20-22, 2012. A general goal of this workshop is to train and establish an interactive group of researchers and educators applying GIS techniques in aquatic systems. Applicants with all levels of GIS experience are welcome; however, the workshop will be presented for aquatic biologists with little to no background in GIS techniques. The tentative schedule of topics includes: 1) basic acquisition and manipulation of GIS data, 2) GIS data sources for aquatic research, 3) quantification of speciesÂ’ habitat use at multiple spatial scales, 4) species distribution modeling, and 5) development and application of hydrologic data to studies of aquatic systems. More details on the specific schedule will be provided in the near future. The majority of the training will be conducted using ArcGIS 10.0; however, other software options will be presented. Computer space will be provided for each attendee. The workshop is open to Faculty, Research Scientists, Postdoctoral Researchers, and Graduate Students conducting research in aquatic systems. There is no cost for the workshop; however, participants will be responsible for meals, travel, and lodging. Details and updates will be available at To apply, please email a statement of application including a description of your research interests (maximum 1 page) and a CV to Dr. Jason Knouft at Review of applications will begin on April 30, 2012. GIS experience is not a prerequisite for the workshop.


Lei Yang

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2012-07-02 12:27:37

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Elvis H. Wu

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