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There are may collaborators involved in the Cypriniformes Tree of Life initiative. For a listing of the different collaborators you can go to this link Participants. The Core participants are USA Principal investigators of the NSF grant. Several other participants are involved from within the USA and from many different countries. Participants are those scientists that are significantly invested in the initiative by contributing a substantial amount of data (including specimens, sequences of targeted genes, and osteologial specimens and data) and open to the primary objectives of CToL and sharing research findings and authorship on papers.

Our participants are worldwide in their associations and are scientific, education, or museum participants that are actively engaged in collecting and contributing samples and data that are directly related to the objectives of the project.  These individuals contribute a number of sequences or morphological character data, or species for the project, a substantial number of images for display on the web site, or educational components to the project.

Some persons may be interested in education, outreach, and other aspects of cypriniform biology that do not require data collection or analysis.  Examples could include developing symposia on cypriniform systematics, syllabi and lesson plans for schools and other educational institutions.  Aquarists interested in breeding specimens for developmental studies would also be included in this category.

If you would like to participate and collaborate in CToL, please review our website, the funded CToL NSF proposal and complete and submit the necessary information regarding – How to Join?

There are some specific areas where our Cypriniformes initiative really needs assistance. These are identified below.  If you think that you can assist us in any of these areas please contact Project Director Richard L. Mayden

  1. Participants willing to aid us in obtaining fresh specimens of species from South and Southeast Asia and Africa for morphological examination and DNA analyses.
  2. Participants willing to sequence and contribute particular genes for any of needed species. For information on the genes that we are using please follow this link.
  3. Participants willing to collect and contribute morphological characters for any of the species.
  4. Contributors willing to add images and movies to the digital library of species diversity.  (All photos are copyright protected and copyright is retained by owner.  No funds are available to purchase photographs.)
  5. Contributors to develop taxonomic keys of species (either for the entire group or for particular geographic regions).

See our CToL group of Worldwide Participants

Questions or comments? Contact Director, Dr. Richard Mayden

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