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Cypriniformes Web Portal

As part of our international collaborative effort to resolve the phylogenetic relationships of species of Cypriniformes, we have developed a customized web portal for all participants to share information, imagery, data, etc. to facilitate efficient communication and synthesis of knowledge.  From this virtual laboratory you can search for information by key terms, taxon names, data types, matrices of data in Nexus format, photographs or drawings of species or characters, Genebank holdings, taxon names at various levels in the hierarchcy, view documents that are uploaded by participants, etc.  Participants can build and modify their own profiles so that they are alerted to any discussions or new information added to the virtual laboratory.  This site also adds a convenient discussion list that will allow researchers from all over the world to follow interactive and threaded discussions on topics ranging from character homologies, synonymies, phylogenetic analysis, and taxon selection.

Through this outstanding interactive site participants will be able to stay abreast of the developments on the project, share important information, data and analyses that will permit out group to efficiently and effectively examine the phylogenetic relationships of Cypriniformes.

Click here to view the web portal. (Requires log-in)

Questions or comments? Contact Director, Dr. Richard Mayden

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