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NSF CToL Proposal

You may download the original USA NSF CToL proposal, submitted in March 2004 and funded in August 2005.  This proposal was originally developed by nine investigators from seven institutions and laboratories in the USA.  You may download this .pdf file for review and distribute it to persons that you feel may be interested in joining CToL.  Do note, however, that some aspects of the originally planned research have changed, including some of the original participants, some of the genes being examined, and how the morphological data are being collected, and the extensiveness of the CToL Web Portal.

Not included in this download are documents associated with results from prior support, current and pending funding, original budgets, management plan, investigator’s biographic sketches, supporting letters, and facilities. 

USA NSF CToL Proposal Principal Investigators

Arratia, Gloria
Museum of Natural History, University of Kansas

Aspinwall, Nevin
Saint Louis University

Bart, Henry (Hank) L.
Tulane University Museum of Natural History

Coburn, Miles M.
John Carroll University

Harris, Phillip M.
The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

Mabee, Paula
University of South Dakota

Mayden, Richard L., Project Director
Saint Louis University

Rios, Nelson
Tulane University of Natural History

Simons, Andrew M.
University of Minnesota

Wood, Robert M.
Saint Louis University

Assembling the Tree of Life (NSF)

In November, 2004 a special workshop was held for all of the AToL PIs as well as PIs for the CIPRes initiative.  This was an outstanding workshop that led to many important discussions and conclusions for linking many of these initiatives and the future of the AToL program.  You can see the program for this workshop by downloading the following .pdf file.  A webpage devoted to this workshop with all of the AToL posters and other materials is expected to be available at an AToL website. If you are impatient about this information I encourage you to contact Brent Mishler at!

You may find other useful information at the following locations or through the presentations provided below.

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