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Taxa Being Examined

A total of 1,000 ingroup taxa are expected to be examined for morphological character variation and variation in a variety of nuclear and mitochondrial genes.  Of these, roughly 350 species will be examined by Japanese and Chinese laboratories for whole mitogenomes.  In addition to these taxa researchers from the USA and China are examining morphological variation and taxonomic diversity of fossil Cypriniformes. 

For more information on the taxa that are currently identified for study in morphological and molecular analyses you can view our current list at Neontological Taxon List.  For a view of the diversity of fossil Cypriniformes you can view our current list at Fossil Cypriniformes Taxon List.  See Current Projects underway.

Our study is in current need of a number of species for the Cypriniformes project.  If you think that you may have important taxa that you could contribute to the goals of the project you can examine this list at Needed Cypriniformes Taxon List.  By contributing important species to this project you not only advance our understanding of these amazing fishes but you may also qualify as a contributing author to one or more of the publications or presentations on the phylogeny or evolutionary diversity of the order or a subgrouping within the order.  See General Projects you can join or How to Join and contact Project Director Richard L. Mayden for information on participating in this Cypriniformes initiative. In some cases we do have funding to help pay for expenses for acquiring needed species.  However, you should check with Director Richard L. Mayden on needed species before committing your funding to acquiring materials.

Questions or comments? Contact Director, Dr. Richard Mayden

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