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Cypriniform Diversity
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Short Overview

CTOL is a large-scale initiative that has been several years in the making, involving several researchers studying various aspects of the biology of Cypriniformes.  In this initiative researchers from many countries with a shared passion and in-depth understanding of these incredibly diverse and interesting fishes are investigating their morphological and molecular variation.  Many of the current participants of this long-term project have a history of collaboration, sharing data, specimens, information, and ideas, and are committed to one primary objective—fostering a collaborative and productive academic environment to ensure a rapid advance of our understanding of the biodiversity and systematics of the Cypriniformes.  We, as a group, hold as a fundamental premise that progress towards our mutual goals will be better accomplished in this collaborative venue than through individual researchers both competing for the same resources and possibly duplicating unorganized efforts. We as a group also learn many interesting aspects of evolutionary biology, natural history, and systematics of Cypriniformes from one another. 

CTOL members have agreed to a Cypriniformes Tree of Life Charter that clearly articulates our expectations of everyone part of the CToL.  Anyone part of CToL or joining CToL must agree to and abide by this charter to be included.

Questions or comments? Contact Director, Dr. Richard Mayden

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