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How Do I Join CToL? 

We welcome you to become a participant of the CToL initiative.  We encourage you to review our website, examine the primary goals and objectives of the initiative, and fully understand the significance of participants agreeing to the CToL Charter.  You are also encouraged to download the funded NSF CToL Proposal for a better understanding of our project, as well as the CTOL Policy Manual.   Please complete the application and carefully read the general parameters expected of all participants.  If you agree to these and the CToL Charter please complete the application and submit it to the Project Director, Richard L. Mayden.  In the application process you must describe how you see your project or contributions (specimens, data, images, etc.) will fit into the overall goals of CToL and what critical resources you feel you can bring to the project to be either a Core, Associate, or Adjunct participant.  Your proposal will be reviewed by the Core Participants and you will be notified usually within one week of the overall finding. 

While the CToL project does not generally have much in terms of discretionary funds for expansion of the project, if you have clear reasons for critical financial needs that will substantially improve CToL you should detail this request in your application.  It is hoped that participants join in the CToL initiative with their own funding to advance this international effort or provide materials to laboratories that currently have funding to accomplish specific objectives.  If you join as a Core or Associate participant and provide substantial data and/or specimens (or very rare materials that are difficult to obtain) from which data may be obtained it is possible that you will gain authorship to peer-reviewed papers for your efforts.  Members of the CToL initiative are more interested in collaborative initiatives that promote our understanding of the Cypriniformes than they are about authorship of papers.  Thus, if you think you can make a contribution please contact Director Richard L. Mayden.

Alternatively, many agencies and countries desire partnerships with funded USA NSF projects and programs; in this way, the projects and be funded internationally and greater advances in the project can be seen more rapidly.  We are willing to aid you in developing such proposals that can be linked to the USA NSF CToL project! If you have ideas for funding of projects that are compatible to the CToL please contact Project Director Richard L. Mayden for possible connections and assistance for increased funding for you. Some CToL participants have already taken advantages of this “leveraging” for research support and all of the funding goes directly to the PI; CToL receives no funding but it is understood that the data will be contributed.  Furthermore, all such projects acknowledge the CToL project in publications, presentations, etc. with the use of official CToL logos.

Questions or comments? Contact Director, Dr. Richard Mayden

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